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  • Average Price: From 60 to 100 euros

  • Japanese cuisine

It is a traditional 'sumibiyaki', a place with charcoal barbecues where the customer roasts their own cuts of Japanese wagyu

Veteran fans will remember that when the first Japanese restaurants opened in Madrid, a matter of half a century ago, they did not serve sushi or sashimi but rather miso soup and hot dishes.

Then the sushi swept

, but other food houses were also appearing, specialized in the varied noodles -ramen, soba, udon-, in the okonomiyaki or Japanese omelette (the Hanakura, in Olavide), or in the noble imperial cuisine or kaiseki.

Well, get ready for

another novelty, and one of the important ones

: after nine years in Barcelona,


(who is called Carlota there and here Pilar, like the mothers of two of the founders) has opened

the first traditional Sumibiyaki

three months ago in Chamberí

of our city


That is to say, a place with charcoal barbecues in which each customer grills their own cuts of authentic Japanese wagyu, delving into the different categories of fat infiltration in the meat, including the

Kobe Beef A5

, the whitest and infiltrated, the most valued in Japan.

Its export was banned for years, but since 2014 it has reached Europe, including three restaurants in Spain.

Very discreet on the outside -as always in Japan-, minimalist and refined on the inside, you can see the previous experience in Barcelona in which everything works perfectly in the

house of Ignasi Elías and his partner Chiho Murata

, from the concrete barbecues, brick and wood that at each service receive sumi, charcoal, even utensils for such a peculiar meal and the constant smiling instructions to the customer.

The restaurant only operates five nights a week, and its success with the public is evident.

It offers

two menus, both long and narrow

, that take

at least two hours

to complete:

remember the closing rules ...

Our menu -the short one- started with

an unbeatable miso soup with wakame and onion

and some

chicken and vegetable


, not to mention the soba noodles with vegetables.

After a seafood of the day, which were irreproachable red prawns on the coals -of Portuguese charcoal, not Japanese, they confessed

to us-

came the

yasai to kinoto

, a

very rich and multipurpose


: we tried it alone, it served us to cook the first wagyu cut -the teresmaior that is the shoulder, as they explained to us, the leanest- and that we finished after adding rice.

The popular part of the menu is the parade of thin cuts of wagyu with

different degrees of fat infiltration

, which each diner grills to their liking over the vegetable embers: tomosankaku (picaña), zabuton (over rib) and karubi (breast) , which is the most fatty and appreciated.

It is fun and a great cultural experience,

but as we already know from a trip to Japan, the fat / excellence ratio (in meats such as belly


tuna) is something that the Japanese appreciate more than we do.

But it's good.

Some mochis and a creamy chocolate and ...


The wine list, brief,

has bottles of great interest

that we suspect come from Vila Viniteca, from the Garnachas of Comando G to the priories of Mas Doix, and there is a serious selection of sakes.

According to the criteria of

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