Today (20th) early morning, 15 vehicles hit the West Coast Expressway in a row and 17 people were injured.

It is presumed that the cause of the accident was not seeing the accident ahead due to the thick fog.

Reporter Kang Min-woo reported.


At around 5:50 am today, 15 cars crashed in a row near the Seohae Bridge in the direction of Mokpo on the Seohaean Expressway.

The first accident started when two 25-ton trucks collided, but the following car slowed down and suddenly stopped, causing a second accident, with nine hitting them. Are watching.

In this accident, 17 car drivers were injured and taken to a hospital.

Fortunately, none of these were reported to have been seriously injured.

It was a series of collisions that took place on the way to work, and some of the stone material on the truck was spilled, which took a lot of time to correct the accident.

For about 4 hours, severe congestion continued from Seohae Bridge to Seopyeongtaek Interchange.

The police believe that there was a series of accidents due to the fact that the distance of sight was only 40 to 70m due to thick fog at the accident site this morning.

The police are investigating the exact cause of the accident against drivers, etc.