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court's first trial ruling that it was legal for Jeju Island to cancel the permission to open the first for-profit hospital in Korea.

However, the sentence on whether the conditional permission banning the treatment of Koreans was unfair has been postponed.

This is Yoo Su-hwan.


Jeju Greenland International Hospital, which promoted the establishment of a for-profit hospital for the first time in Korea.

In the judgment of the first trial held today (20th), the Jeju District Court ruled that the decision of Jeju Island to withdraw the permission to open was legal.

For-profit hospitals are hospitals in which capital is invested to conduct medical business, and when profits are generated, they are distributed to investors.

In 2018, Jeju Island granted a permit to open a green space hospital on condition that foreign medical tourists are treated only in Korean medicine.

However, when the hospital opposed this and delayed the opening of the hospital, in April of the following year, the permit itself was canceled.

[Boo Sung-hyuk/Jeju-do's lawyer: I didn't open it because the conditional permission itself was unfair.

But it's a violation of the law.

That's why we allege the violation of the law...


Then, Greenery Jeju Health Care Town Limited, a subsidiary of China Greenery Group, filed a lawsuit against Jeju Island.

The reason was that the conditions of permission to exclude Koreans from being treated were in violation of the medical law.

The Jeju District Law ruled that the action on Jeju Island, which canceled the opening of the hospital, was legitimate, but it postponed the sentence for a request for cancellation of the conditions of the permit stating that the conditional permit prohibiting the treatment of Koreans was unfair.