Such electric kickboard accidents are increasing.

The number of accidents from January to June this year is equal to the total number of accidents last year.

However, after two months, the regulations became looser, allowing teenagers 13 and older to drive electric kickboards and to ride bike paths.

Let’s look at reporter Kim Sang-min's report and continue to address this issue.

<Reporter> At the

crossing where a left-turning vehicle passed, an electric kickboard pops out of the downhill curve next to the building.

Suddenly in front of the car passing through the alley, it leads to an accident.

All are black box videos related to electric kickboards that have occurred in the last month.

The number of accidents related to electric kickboards filed with an insurance company in Korea increased 18 times from 49 cases four years ago to 890 cases last year.

Until the first half of this year alone, 886 cases were close to the total number of cases last year.

In the meantime, the law was changed to allow bicycle roads to run on December 10th, as electric scooters were classified as motorized bicycles such as motorcycles, and accidents were caused by only traveling on the roadway.

As regulations are relaxed, the likelihood of accidents has increased.

The use of bike paths has made kickboarders safer, but concerns about pedestrians and accidents have increased.

Seven out of 10 bike paths are installed close to the sidewalks, and there are many cases that are not physically separated, so even if the kickboard is on the bike path, there is still a high risk of bumping into pedestrians.

As the law changed, the obligation to hold a driver's license was eliminated, so it is okay for teenagers 13 years of age or older to drive, and the penalty provision for not wearing a helmet has disappeared.

[Je-ho Jeon/Samsung Traffic Safety Research Institute Researcher: Because the wheel size is also small, the braking distance has to be much longer than that of a bicycle.

It is not easy to cope with an unexpected situation (it is a risk factor.)]

As electric kickboards are attracting attention to the extent that there is a prospect that the market size will be more than three times that of 2016 in 2022, it is imperative to prepare additional supplementary measures. .

(Video editing: Kim Jong-tae, VJ: Lee Jun-young, video courtesy: Han Moon-cheol TV)


Q. Accidents continue to increase, but I feel like the countermeasures are going in the opposite direction. .

[Reporter Sangmin Kim: These days, many electric kickboards are found on the boulevards and around subway stations.

When I asked how much it was in Seoul, it was about 150 at the end of 2018, but it increased to 7,500 at the end of last year, and as of the end of August this year, it exceeded 35,000.

That's about a fivefold increase in less than a year.

The government decided it was dangerous to drive around because the kickboard was mixed with the car, so from December 10th, the bike path was made available.

However, the bike path, as explained in the previous report, is not clearly separated from the bike path and the sidewalk, and the kickboard speed is up to 25 km/h.

Because of this, there are voices


whether pedestrians are becoming more dangerous.]

Q. So, from the point of view of the victims, I think there are many people who have questions such as how to get compensation for this if an accident occurs immediately, and whether insurance is available.

[Reporter Sangmin Kim: The Financial Supervisory Service has improved the standard terms and conditions of automobile insurance starting next month, so that the victims of kickboard accidents can receive compensation through insurance companies preferentially if they sign up for the automobile insurance accident special contract.

However, the problem is that those who purchase insurance under the revised terms and conditions will fall out of coverage in case of a hit and run accident.

Hit-and-run accident itself can do very little and yet in the accidents of the insurance Noreen Dunne commits a hit-and-run foreign raneunde so as to introduce've issued prior easily caught the killer who is going with you will not receive the reward.]

Q. This person Kick Scooters Ride As more and more, the system should eventually follow and support it. Are there any safety measures discussed now?

[Reporter Kim Sang-min: After checking, on the 17th of last month, the National Assembly proposed a bill that requires rental companies, that is, kickboard companies, to purchase insurance as mandatory.

Although it has not been raised to the standing committee yet, it seems that it will begin debate in earnest from December after the state administration is over. ]

(Video Editing: Ha Seong-won)

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