Moving on to the news of Corona 19.

The number of new confirmed cases announced yesterday (18th) was 91, and even though the number of tests decreased due to the weekend, it was close to 100.

As group infections from hospitals such as nursing care hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals continue, students' attendance classes will be expanded from today as distance distancing is eased.

Reporter Kim Hyung-rae reports.

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SRC Rehabilitation Hospital in Gwangju, Gyeonggi, where 32 corona19 confirmed patients, including patients and medical staff, came out.

Yesterday, 19 additional people were confirmed, and all of them were 51.

Two wards, which are believed to be the first confirmed cases, are quarantined and full-scale tests are being conducted, but there is a high possibility that more than 300 testers are still waiting for the results.

An additional 14 people were confirmed at Haetrak Hospital, a nursing hospital in Busan.

The cumulative confirmed case so far is 73.

In addition, 4 additional people were confirmed at the Master Plus Rehabilitation Hospital in Uijeongbu City, Gyeonggi Province, where 63 related confirmed cases were found.

The quarantine authorities plan to make every effort to prevent hospital-induced group infections with many elderly people.

[Park Neung-hoo/Minister of Health and Welfare: From this week, we are conducting diagnostic tests for nursing hospitals, nursing facilities and mental hospitals in the metropolitan area...


In addition, the quarantine authorities are paying close attention to whether the spread of social distancing will continue again.

[Park Neung-hoo/Minister of Health and Welfare: The adjustment to the first stage of distancing does not mean that the risk of Corona 19 has decreased, but that we will start an effort to reconcile our daily lives with Corona 19...

.] From

today, the limit on the number of attendance at kindergartens and elementary and junior high schools nationwide, currently one-third, will be greatly eased to two-thirds.

The government specifically requested that schools comply with quarantine regulations.