On the basis of the fake volunteer work confirmation, the Supreme Court decided that if you received a service award at school, you could be punished for obstruction.

Mr. A has been tried on charges of having Mr. B's child get a fake volunteer service confirmation that he had volunteered for 84 hours in the hospital.

Mr. B submitted this confirmation to the school, and the school gave a service award to Mr. B's children based on this confirmation.

The first trial convicted A and B for interfering with the school's service award selection, but the second trial was found not guilty.

The second-trial court judged that the school, which lightly believed and accepted the false volunteer activity confirmation, was also responsible.

However, the Supreme Court reversed the ruling, saying it could apply the charges against them.

The judiciary said it should be noted that the school's service award review was usually conducted on the premise that the contents of the service activity confirmation form were truthful.

In addition, he said, "It is difficult to see that the school is obligated to examine the authenticity of the contents by inquiring separately with the issuing organization of the confirmation letter and reconfirming the contents in the light of the voluntary evaluation process."

(Photo = Yonhap News)