Local small and medium-sized manufacturers who jumped into making masks are in danger of going bankrupt.

This is because the domestic and foreign markets were blocked by too much supply.

It is estimated that only 5 billion won will be paid to the 20 affected suppliers.

This is TBC reporter Kim Yong-woo.


Mr. A, who has been supplying disposable masks from Chilgok, Gyeongbuk, is worried these days.

We supplied 4.7 million masks and 270 million won worth of masks to the original company in the industrial complex of Gumi countries, but we did not receive a single penny.

Even though I worked overnight at the encouraging proposal to guarantee more than 10 million orders per month, the promise was not kept.

[Representative of a mask partner company: Because the company asks you to do day and night, if your company tells you to do it, it is a big part to be adjusted.]

In addition, other partner companies who have invested hundreds of millions of won in factory expansion also


bankrupt due to delayed delivery costs. It is said to be in crisis.

It is estimated that there are more than 20 mask-related companies complaining of such damage, and the surpassed cost is estimated to exceed 5 billion won.

In particular, the Gumi Employment and Labor Branch conducted a intensive investigation, as it was revealed that about 100 employees had paid about 600 million won in arrears at four business partners as well as the original office.

The company explained that the export contract was delayed in addition to the import of masks made in China, which inevitably delayed payment and payment.

[Representative of the original mask manufacturing company: At the beginning of (business), it was 260 won per sheet.

But now it costs 80~90 won per sheet.

Contracted companies are not exporting all.]

Oversupply of masks, imports of Chinese masks, and export restrictions have pushed local mask manufacturers to the edge of the cliff as they suffered a triple high school.

(Video coverage: Kim Deok-rae TBC)