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Several social networks are now neck and neck to retain or gain new users.

With this in mind, Snapchat has just announced the integration of a new feature, “Sounds”, on its application.

The social network will now allow its users to add music to their snaps, reports the tech media 

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This option is already present among Snapchat's direct competitors, namely TikTok and Instagram, which recently launched the “Reels”.

The objective is therefore to catch up and avoid a leak of Internet users to other platforms.

Homemade sounds?

Sounds allows you to add music to a snap before sending it.

Upon receipt, the recipient can display the information of the selected song by sliding his finger up the screen.

In a few months, the social network even wants to allow its users to create their own sounds to add to the snaps.

Snapchat finally lets all iOS users put music in their snaps

- The Verge (@verge) October 15, 2020

The functionality had already been tested since August in Australia and New Zealand.

Now being rolled out worldwide, Sounds will initially only be available on devices running iOS.

No availability date has yet been announced for deployment on Android.


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