This is the conclusion reached by the authors of the study, the results of which are published on the bioRxiv portal.

The authors of the material conducted an experiment, during which they created four groups of mice: a control group, a group infected with coronavirus, a group infected with influenza and coronavirus, and a group infected with only influenza.

The course of the disease in the third group of rodents was more severe than in the rest.

In particular, they have exacerbated the extrapulmonary manifestations of the disease associated with COVID-19.

“Taken together, the data indicate that the concept of 'dual infection' is pathogenic, steps should be taken to prevent negative consequences as part of a comprehensive public work to combat the coronavirus pandemic,” the article says.

As specified, mice with "double infection" showed significantly accelerated weight loss, the animals showed more severe respiratory symptoms and died faster.

In the article, the authors also refer to reports from scientists from the UK that the risk of death among patients with coronavirus and influenza infection increases by about six times.

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Almazov of the Ministry of Health of Russia Evgeny Shlyakhto spoke about the effect of vitamin D levels on the course of coronavirus infection COVID-19.