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  • Analysis. This is the Xiaomi Mi 10t Pro: the best mobile for its price?

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The presentation of the latest Apple phones left a controversy - the cable, the box and the environment - and several new models.

One of them, the

iPhone 12 Mini

, surprises because with its 5.4-inch screen it seems to go against the Olympic market trend that wants everything to be faster, more powerful and bigger.

Will small phones make a comeback?

From the original iPhone, with its




, to the recently introduced iPhone 12 Pro Max and its 6.7 inches, each model has grown in size - and surnames - to a point where it practically doubles the size. panel of the original model.

Along the way, marks have been surpassed;

As if it were the race to break the high jump record, the bar was set higher and higher: 4 inches (iPhone 5), 4.7 (from iPhone 6), 5.5 (with iPhone 6 Plus), 5.8 (iPhone X and XS), 6.1 (iPhone XR) and so on until the 6.5 of the iPhone XS Max ... which dropped to 6.46 in the 11 Pro Max.

A step back to take a run and reach the top of the current 6.7.

They are not the only ones who have followed this path, far from it.

Xiaomi, for example, presented a few weeks ago its Mi 10t series composed of three 6.67-inch phones.

And that's not to mention folding like the Galaxy Z Fold 2, which when unfolded is at 7.6.

The evolution, although exaggerated for tight pockets and wedding bags, is logical: there is



more content

capable of taking advantage of size.

Cameras, without going any further, have gone from offering images with the resolution of a tamagotchi to being practically professional tools.

What is the point of having this quality if the mobile screen does not differ from that of a calculator?

With the refresh rate, another of the arguments that are used in the current market, the same thing happens: it is only understood in cinema panels and devices in which you can see something that, for many, is invaluable.

In any case, it is made for Fortnite or Genshin Impact, not for the Nokia 3310 snake.

Without straying too far from the presentation of Apple we have another key.

The most repeated words at the event were, iPhone aside, a number and a letter:



The new networks offer amazing speeds that allow you to download high-quality content, watch movies and series in streaming or make video calls as if we were connected to NASA's WiFi.

And in the middle of all this appears a phone with a size that was not seen among Apple's since the iPhone 8. In this arms race all manufacturers create huge bombs and forget that there are those who settle for a butterfly knife to go to this war.

Especially if there is no way to handle the 7-inch thermonuclear missile with one hand.

For the moment we will have to see what happens, but it seems like good news.

Google, without going any further, has been launching versions reduced in specifications, price and size of its Pixels for some time and they are usually successful devices in sales and reviews.

Apple has a reputation for creating trends, when in fact what it does better than anyone is to detect those that are going to be maintained, follow them and improve them.

They may not be the first to arrive at the party, but they are the first that matter: once they are there, everyone will want to attend.

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