It was around 7:40 am on the 12th, which was Monday.

Chef Oh Mo (60), who was climbing the escalator from Exit 2 of Police Hospital Station on Seoul Subway Line 3, suddenly fell behind.

This is because the center of gravity was tilted back while trying to hold the handrail with both hands while climbing about 3m.

The escalator was 60cm wide and was for a narrow single person.

Mr. Oh's body was caught between the railings on both sides, and his head hit the moving scaffold.

The shock was so great that there was a dull crash sound, and soon blood began to bleed from my head.

Inspector Jin-hwan Kim (58), the leader of the Munjeong District University team at Songpa Police Station, who was on the way to work, ran.

Inspector Kim supported Mr. Oh's head with his hand and asked for help around him.

Two young men jumped in a hurry, but the escalator continued to work and there wasn't much space, so the rescue wasn't easy.

In this process, Inspector Kim tried to cause Mr. Oh to come off even though his shoes were peeled off and his left ankle was rubbed against the footrest and bleeding.

When about 30 seconds had passed, a woman ran and pressed the escalator emergency stop button, and Mr. Oh was supported and was able to get up.

Mr. Oh, whose back head was torn, was bleeding so severe that his neck and back were covered with blood, so he was immediately transferred to the emergency room of a nearby large hospital.

There was no abnormality in the brain as a result of the test, but it is in hospitalization.

On the 17th, Mr. Oh said, "I assure you that I would have died without Inspector Kim," and expressed gratitude, saying, "There must be a lot of such people in Korea."

(Photo = provided by reader, Yonhap News)