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Ulsan, a fire broke out in a wildfire monitoring post, which is not currently used, but after turning off the fire, a human body was found inside.

The police are investigating what happened to this.

This is reporter Jeong Gu-hee.

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morning of the 17th, a fire broke out in a forest fire monitoring post in Jung-gu, Ulsan.

The fire extinguished in 16 minutes, but the guardhouse made of plastic and styrofoam turned into ashes in an instant.

However, inside the guard post, a body was found that was so damaged that it was difficult to identify it.

The Ulsan Jung-gu Office, which manages the guard post, says that the door of the guard house, which is not currently in use, is locked firmly.

[Ulsan Jung-gu Office official: It was left unused, but because people might enter it, the warning board was also attached and the license plate key was locked.] The

police collected genes and tried to verify the identity of the person. We are investigating.


Smoke rises from a parked car, and flames soar from the bottom of the car.

This morning, a fire broke out in a Kona electric car that was being charged in a parking lot at a local community center in Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do.

It is the 14th fire accident since 2018 when the Kona electric car came out.

Hyundai Motor Company has been recalling more than 25,000 Kona units since yesterday.

--- The

director in his 50s was arrested by the police on charges of illegally photographing fellow instructors by installing a camera in a public bathroom at a school in Incheon.

The camera showed a video of two female instructors.

The director said that he had started illegal filming on the 5th, but he was caught in the process of installing the camera secretly as he was photographed.

(Video coverage: Jung Sang-bo, Kim Un-seok UBC, video editing: Park Ji-in, screen provided: Namyang address)