Amid concerns about the spread of Corona 19, it was tentatively counted that 26,000 people took the written test, including the 7th level of local public officials in 2020, held in 17 cities and provinces nationwide on the 17th.

According to the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, from 10 am on this day, 26,15 people in 133 test sites nationwide took the written test for the 7th level of local public officials, the open for research and leadership positions, the career competition appointment, and the 9th level career competition appointment test for technical high school graduates.

Among them, 19,938 people took the 7th grade public and economic written test.

39,397 people applied for 565 people who were selected, of which 50.6% actually took the test, and the average competition rate was 35.3 to 1.

4,570 people took the research, guidance, public and financial examinations.

6,773 people applied for 373 recruitment, and 67.5% of them applied.

1,507 people took the 9th grade Gyeongchae test for technical high school graduates.

The exam, which selects 334 students for specialization and Meister High School graduates (expected), received 2,62 people and 73.1% visited the test center.

On this day, there were 5 people who took the test in a separate isolated location due to self-isolation or suspicious symptoms.

Three of them took the written test in the preliminary test room, which was prepared separately for each test site, because their body temperature was 37.5 degrees or higher or showed suspicious symptoms such as coughing when entering the test site.

The other two were in self-quarantine, so they took the test at home or at a separate designated location through prior application.

This day's written examination was the last of this year's written examination for hiring national and local public officials.

(Photo = Yonhap News)