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was also a coronavirus this year, so there was an expectation that more people would get the flu vaccine than at other times.

So, the authorities have also secured more vaccines than last year, but as you can see, there is a story that there is a shortage of vaccines everywhere.

Medical reporter Cho Dong-chan will explain in detail whether it was not enough due to crowds of people only today (13th), or what countermeasures should be taken.

<Reporter> This

is an email sent to more than 80 hospitals in charge of a local public health center.

It is reported that civil complaints are intensifying due to a lack of flu vaccine under the age of 12.

[Hospital official: He (the public health center) also has 4,000 items right now.

So now I can't distribute it anymore and I don't understand myself (health center)...


(I think you might have requested it from a pharmaceutical company or wholesaler?) They say they don't have a vaccine, they don't have any.]

This hospital in Seoul also has only six flu vaccines left this year.

Health officials have increased flu vaccine doses by 5 million times from last year, but shortages are appearing everywhere.

It may be a temporary condition in some hospitals if there are crowds of people trying to get the vaccine quickly.

However, as it is known that getting the flu vaccine will lower the corona fatality rate by more than 20%, the number of people who want the vaccine may have increased from last year.

[Kim Ji-ho/Specialist in Family Medicine: Usually, you get a lot of vaccinations after October, but this year, in August, before we got the flu (injection), we had a lot of inquiries.] It is said that

flu vaccines may actually become scarce. Said that it is difficult to supply separate flu vaccines to individual countries as the demand for additional flu vaccines is a global trend, and domestic pharmaceutical companies also view that additional production is impossible.

We need to see the trend, but we need to be prepared for cases where the number of flu vaccine candidates exceeds the amount secured in Korea.

Experts say that it is necessary to provide all free vaccination targets to high-risk groups, and to prioritize those who are 55 years of age or older who have a high corona19 fatality rate among paid vaccinations.

(Video coverage: Kim Hak-mo, Video editing: Kim Ho-jin, VJ: Shin So-young)