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If the popular saying says that you should not put it in a pot, in 2020, it should also be said that you do not even think about putting it on a device connected to the Internet because you can regret it for the rest of your life.

It could happen to you that, if you wear a connected chastity belt,

a hacker could block it using a security hole.

And it would lock forever.

Any connected device, be it a refrigerator, a mobile, a television or a sex toy, can be manipulated remotely.

So in the same way that a virus infects a computer when you click on an improper link, this sex belt can be blocked due to

a back door in its security system.



is an Internet-connected chastity sex toy produced by the Qiui company.

It costs approximately 150 euros and is defined as "the world's first app-controlled chastity device."

On paper, its use allows the person who wears it



at the mercy of the one who controls it from their mobile phone

, who can block it via bluetooth when they see fit and thus stimulate the 'chaste' who wears it.

This fantasy has been truncated by the British security company Pen Test Partners, which

discovered the flaw and warned of the dire consequences


If it would be serious in itself for someone else to remotely operate the device, the possibility of its blocking makes it a real health hazard.

Since it uses a bluetooth protocol, which in itself is not entirely secure, this device was already dangerous without failure.

But as the researchers discovered,

the system that processes the communication between the chastity belt and the cell phone

was completely unprotected: it was left open and without a password, according to the TechCrunch blog.

One of the discoverers of this failure, Alex Lomas, has indicated that

a 'hacker' can block devices very quickly

and has stressed that there is no emergency function that allows the device to be unlocked, so if it is blocked "no there is a way out. "

In the same way, this lack of protection of the chastity belt allowed anyone to read the messages that users had sent through the app that manages it.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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