In the "last minute" leaks, before its official launch next Tuesday

IPhone 12 .. Lower price and higher speed compared to previous models

The new phone comes in 4 sizes featuring square edges, inspired by the "iPhone 4 and 5".

From the source

With the announcement of the American company "Apple", next Tuesday, corresponding to October 13, the date for the launch of the "iPhone 12" phone, a wave of "last minute" leaks spread about the new phone, indicating that its price ranges between 649 and 1099 dollars (2380 and 4033 dirhams), registering A slight decrease of 50 dollars (about 183 dirhams), compared to the iPhone 11 model, while the speed of performance will be higher than the previous models, because the phone works with the new A14 Ionic processor, but the screen will work at an update rate of less than 120 hertz. Regarding what appeared with the "iPhone 11", where it will completely abandon the "LCD" technology in favor of "OLED" technology, as it will come in terms of size in four models, with sizes ranging between 5.4 and 6.7 inches, and with square edges rather than Circular like iPhone 11.

«Wish List»

Through the review conducted by Emirates Today of those leaks, which appeared on most technology websites, it was found that they focus on the "wish list" that usually tops three points: price, performance and size, and then some other technical points, such as cameras, internal specifications and others. .

Here are the most important last-minute leaks:

Price and time of purchase

Usually prices rise with each new model, but it does not seem that this is the case with the "iPhone 12", which will come at lower prices, as the minimum specification model "iPhone 12 mini OS" will come at a price of $ 649 (about 2380). The price of the top-end model will be about 1099 dollars (4,033 dirhams), which is 50 dollars (183 dirhams) less than last year's model.

However, the only thing that might block this expectation with respect to the price is the cost of adding the fifth generation feature, and using only OLED screens with all models.

With regard to the time of purchase, pre-reservation for the phone can start on October 16, and shipping will start on the 23rd of the same month, but some models will not be shipped before next November.

the design

In terms of design, the "iPhone 12" will move away from the circular edges used in the "iPhone 11", to return to the design of the "iPhone 4 and 5" and "iPad Pro" with flat square edges.

The back of the new phones will look the same. The 12 Pro models have three cameras along with a 3D scanning lidar sensor, while the standard 12 models have two cameras.

However, there are expectations that the facial recognition sensor array will be smaller, reducing the overall size of the notch that cuts across the top of the screen.

It is likely that the "iPhone 12" will continue to use the aluminum cover and the stainless steel cover, while the green color disappears from the range of colors, to be replaced by the blue color.

the size

The phone is expected to come in four versions, which are two regular models, the "iPhone 12S" and "iPhone 12 mini", in addition to two high-spec models, namely, "iPhone 12 Pro" and "iPhone 12 Pro." Max ».

And all models come in three sizes or sizes, the first is 5.4 inches, the second is 6.1 inches, and the third is 6.7 inches.

The revised lineup will provide something simple for everyone, from employees who need basic features and functions to surprisingly capable mobile devices, with the ability to provide more power for employees who are most in need, such as engineers, sales and marketing professionals.

the performance

The speed of the local performance of the new phone is likely to increase, that is, the speed with which locally installed applications process commands and execute operations with them, thanks to the A14 Ionic processor chip with higher capabilities than previous chips, so business users will find that devices The new iPhone 12 is more responsive, and combines improvements in domestic internal speed and external connection speed by supporting 5G networks.


All iPhone 12 models work with OLED screens only, a technology that makes the screen brighter, has better contrast in colors and deeper blacks, but it gives up the 120 hertz feature, which makes the screen display 120 frames per second. Second, it uses the refresh feature less than that, due to concerns about battery life.

In contrast, the new "lidar" sensor that Apple uses in the current iPad Pro cameras will be present in the iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max, a feature that makes Apple and developers able to Create better augmented reality applications, using the 3D scanning technology provided by the camera.