Every other day, 119 paramedics are being assaulted at the scene.

Nine out of ten cases involve violence by drunkards, but the punishment is still a bat.

Reporter Jung Joon-ho reports.


A man lying in an ambulance kicks the paramedic's head for no reason.

This man, who never stops kicking, grips the arm of the paramedic trying to calm down and never let go.

They even knocked down the paramedics who gave first aid, and all of them were drunk.

Whenever they rescue drunk people, they are forced to repress their anxiety.

[Park Guk-eung/Gangseo Fire Station Paramedic: I was holding my hand, so he (patient) now bites my thigh.

Very hard.

So that I can lose the flesh...

There are a lot of people who cross the line.]

Of the assault damage caused by paramedics in the past five years, 90% of the victims were found to have been drinking alcohol.

As the paramedics continued to be beaten, cameras were attached to the vests to collect evidence.

Even if you give out evidence like this, the punishment is just like a cotton bat.

Only 40% of assault cases were fined, and less than 1 in 10 cases were imprisoned.

Even 30% received no punishment.

After the incident of firefighter Kang Yeon-hee, who died after being beaten by a drunk who was rescued, the National Assembly in his twenties proposed 14 bills to aggravate punishment for the assault of paramedics, but all were scrapped.