Apple is considering a foldable smartphone screen that can repair itself, according to a recent patent filing from the company.

"During everyday use, the display layer can get scratched or dented," Apple writes in the application.

"To limit the amount of damage, a self-repairing layer can be applied to the screen."

With that, Apple would try to solve the biggest criticism of flexible smartphone screens.

The inflection point slowly deteriorates with frequent use and can eventually break.

It is remarkable that Apple wants to patent a flexible smartphone screen, since the company does not sell foldable phones.

Competitors like Samsung and Huawei do.

Steve Wozniak wants a foldable iPhone

Departed Apple founder Steve Wozniak said last year he'd like a foldable iPhone, but nothing has been announced since then.

Rumors about a fold-out iPhone did pop up in January.

This device would have two screens with a hinge in between.

A patent application is no guarantee that Apple will actually make the product.

Tech giants sometimes capture ideas that are later shelved.

iPhone 12 on the way

The manufacturer is about to announce the new iPhone 12.

Normally, new iPhones appear in September, but this year the presentation has been delayed by a few weeks.

The iPhone 12 is rumored to get several models, including a mini version with a small screen.

The design is said to be inspired by the latest iPads and iPhone 4.