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iPhone 12

arrives somewhat late, the fault of 2020. In recent years it was usual for Apple to announce its new phone at an event in early September but the coronavirus has disrupted the production schedule.

Now it is most likely that the different versions of the

iPhone 12 will be announced in October


The delay, however, has allowed us to learn some details of the device ahead of time.

Added to the usual leaks that come from the assembly line this year are several clues in the


operating system

, which is already available for the company's phones and which under normal circumstances would have been launched at the same time as the new devices.

No wired headphones

One of the changes seems to confirm that this year Apple will remove various accessories from the box.

The iPhone 12 could come without a power adapter

, as has already happened with many of this year's Apple Watch models.

The phone would include the USB-C to Lightning charging cable (the port used by company phones).

A small change in one of the messages on the screen of iOS14 makes one suspect that the EarPods will not be included, the wired headphones that Apple included in the box, and that in recent years, after the disappearance of the traditional headphone connection, they connected directly to the Lightning port on the phone.

Apple has justified the removal of the adapters for the Apple Watch as a sustainability measure.

"In an effort to reduce our environmental impact, the Apple Watch Series 6, Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 3 and Apple Watch Nike do not include a power adapter," the company explains on the web.

In the case of the iPhone, any power adapter with a USB socket, even from other brand phones or other electronic devices, will work to charge the phone.

Something similar could happen with headphones, given the popularity of AirPods wireless headphones and other wireless alternatives.

More memory, this is war

One of lime, one of sand.

Apple could finally increase the basic storage capacity of some iPhone 12.

As in previous years, Apple will launch several versions of the device, which this year will release a new design.

They will continue to have the "notch", that "eyebrow" at the top that hides the front camera and the FaceID identification system, but they will bet on a design with more marked angles and flat edges instead of rounded, inspired by the iPhone 4, 4S and 5 or the current iPad Pro.

Four versions are expected: two iPhone 12 and two iPhone 12 Pro. They will differ mainly in the number of cameras and the screen size.

The iPhone 12, according to the leaks, will be available in 5.4 and 6.1 inches screen and will have two cameras on the back, like the current iPhone 11. The Pro versions will be available in 6.1 and 6 , 7 inches, with three cameras and a depth LiDAR sensor like the one found in this year's iPad Pro, at least in the larger model.

This sensor will make augmented reality applications more stable and could also help achieve a better blur effect in photos.

The Pro models will be the ones to benefit from the increased memory.

The base configuration would start with 128GB instead of the current 64GB.

All the new phones used the new A14 chip, which Apple has also included in the latest iPad Air and the first to use the 5-nanometer architecture.

Now with 5G

The iPhone 12 is also expected to be the first generation of iPhone to make the leap to 5G networks.

All models will include support for these networks, which improve speed and latency and which have already begun to be deployed in various regions, including Spain.

In addition to the basic 5G radio bands, Pro models may have support for mmWave, a version of 5G with higher transfer speeds that has been deployed in some regions of the US, Japan and South Korea.

The prices are, of course, a mystery but it is very likely that they will remain in the usual range of previous years, ranging from 800 euros to 1,259 euros that the current iPhone 11 Pro Max costs.

This year, Apple could offer the iPhone in a new color, in addition, a dark blue tone similar to that of the Apple Watch Series 6.

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