Let's find out about Corona 19 news

The number of new confirmed cases announced yesterday (1st) was 77, which came down to double digits, but it is a little difficult to say that the number of tests has improved by about half.

Like Dana Hospital in Dobong-gu, Seoul and Pyeonggang Clinic in Geumjeong-gu, Busan, I am worried about group infections in the hospital one after another.

This is Nam Joo-hyun.


Of the 77 new confirmed cases, 10 foreign inflows and 67 were domestic.

There were 30 confirmed cases in Seoul, 17 in Gyeonggi, and 3 in Incheon.

The number of examinations itself decreased by 45% because it was the first day of the Chuseok holiday, so it is difficult to assert that the situation has improved based on the number of occurrences.

Sporadic group infections are continuing, centering on medical institutions and nursing homes for the elderly.

Three additional patients were confirmed at Dana Hospital, a psychiatric specialty hospital in Dobong-gu, Seoul, with a cumulative number of 33.

Anyone who has been to Dana Hospital since the 15th of last month should undergo an examination regardless of symptoms.

Two additional people were also confirmed at the Yemaru Day Care Center located in the building next to Dana Hospital.

There were 32 confirmed cases in this facility alone, and the health authorities are investigating the association with the Dana Hospital group infection.

A group infection was also confirmed at Pyeonggang Clinic in Geumjeong-gu, Busan.

The infection that started from acquaintances of hospital visitors spread to hospital staff such as doctors and physical therapists and their families, and the number of related confirmed cases increased to 10.

The health authorities requested that people refrain from going out and follow the quarantine regulations such as keeping distance and wearing masks during the rest of the holiday season.