Messenger: a Facebook account is now required -


This Wednesday, Facebook announced the integration of Messenger within Instagram 's private messaging, reports



The goal of the company that owns these different social networks is to help users interact more easily with other people on a different platform.

Concretely, in the coming days, Instagram users from different countries will be offered an update to replace private messaging with a Messenger tab.

This new integration will therefore allow Instagram users to chat with people who have a Facebook account.

Today we're sharing an update to @instagram DMs that will bring the best of @Messenger to the app.

You'll soon be able to communicate across apps with features like watch together, selfie stickers, vanish mode, emoji reactions and more.

- Facebook (@Facebook) September 30, 2020

Identical features

It will not be necessary to have an account on each of these social networks to interact with someone from another platform.

At first, this update will be simply optional.

Regarding the functionality of this messaging system, they will be identical to those presently present on Messenger: text, audio and video calls, personalization of the discussion thread, sending of ephemeral content, etc.

However, Facebook has not yet specified whether the history of Instagram conversations would be kept when switching to Messenger.

Finally, the parent company ensures that the discussions will not be analyzed by algorithms in the context of the dissemination of targeted advertisements.


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