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dog walking with his family was bitten by a Jindo dog that suddenly ran to death.

The owner of the dog fell in sorrow, saying that this would not have happened even if the Jindo Dog's muzzle had been properly filled.

Reporter Kang Min-woo reports.

<Reporter> The

collar of the Jindo dog with the owner suddenly loosens, and the dog runs somewhere across the road.

After a while, on the other side of the road, Jindo-dog starts to rush and bite the Pomeranian breed dog that the other dog owner had.

The family ran and tried to remove it, but it was not easy.

[Damaged dog owner: It's hunting, hunting.

Jindo dog played that hunting game.

The target was a puppy.]

Jindo dog owners as well as pedestrians flocked and wanted to calm down, but they jumped and attacked other Welsh Corgi dogs that the victim dog was holding.

The dog that was attacked for the first time was urgently moved to a veterinary hospital, but died in about two hours due to severe injuries such as broken ribs and ruptured intestines.

[Owner of the victim dog: This is because we didn't get hit even though we ran that way even if we just filled the muzzle properly.] The

owner of the dog was bitten in the process of removing Jindo dog and injured everywhere.

More than a wound is a trauma, and not only family members, but also other dogs who watched the scene are showing signs of abnormality.

[Damaged dog owner: I don't walk, these days.

I sit down.

Because I am scared, I tremble softly, and if I say'Let's go for a walk,' I will shake softly...

.] The

Animal Protection Act mandates the wearing of a muzzle for 5 types of dogs, but Jindo dogs are not eligible.

The police are investigating the owner of Jindo dog for property damage and negligence.