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fire broke out on the 3rd floor of a villa in Daejeon yesterday (29th) ahead of the holiday season.

The person in it escaped the flames and came out of the window and was hung on the window frame, but a nearby citizen saved his life thanks to the pile of soft stuff under it.

This is Jung Ban-seok.


A man hangs in jeopardy under the window where black smoke emanates.

[Ah, it's hot!]

A fire broke out on the 3rd floor of a villa in Jung-gu, Daejeon, around 5:50 pm yesterday.

A 50-year-old mother-in-law, who was in the house, came out of the window to escape the fire, but he could not do this or that.

Oh Sung-gyun, who was working nearby, came to the field after hearing someone's cry that there was a fire.

[Sung-gyun Oh/Witness: If you have anything fluffy, please bring it with me. Take even a blanket at home... .] After

scouring around to avoid getting hurt even by jumping, I found discarded scrap materials and sofas and piled them under Mr. Jang hung from the building.

[Sung-gyun Oh/Witness: At first glance, it looked like a cement waste-rock material from a distance. Oh, that's styrofoam, please, with real prayer in my heart.] In the

end, Mr. Jang fell on the pile of styrofoam stacked by Mr. Oh, and

[Sung-gyun Oh/Witness: He was hanging on the railing saying that it was hot at the time when the siren sound was heard. He jumped down there.]

Thanks to the shock absorption, he wasn't seriously injured except for burns to his hand hanging from the window sill.

The fire that extinguished in 25 minutes burned down Jang's house, causing property damage of an estimated 12 million won by the fire department.

The fire authorities are investigating the exact cause of the fire based on Mr. Jang's statement that the electric bicycle battery being charged has exploded.

(Video editing: Park Ki-deok, screen provided: Song Young-hoon, Park Jeong-min, Daejeon Western Fire Department)