The muscular, but now tired iPad 8 -

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  • Ten years after its first iPad, Apple is revisiting its tablet and launching the eighth generation, from 389 euros.

  • Accessible, fast, fluid, and offering a complete application universe, the new iPad is struggling to renew itself.

  • It will appeal to a family audience hungry for entertainment, but will require additional investment, such as a keyboard or stylus to become a tool for productivity.

If we wanted to speak badly, we would say that Apple did not sprain for the design.

The 2020 iPad (or iPad 8) launched by the Apple brand * looks like two drops of water like its many predecessors.

And yet, this is the eighth generation of Apple's 10.2-inch screen slate.

The first model was launched in 2010 by a Steve Jobs already surfing the success of the iPhone.

The iPad 8 is an accessible and efficient tablet.


The A12 chip to the rescue

On paper, the entry-level iPad accessible for less than 400 euros, however, has something to flatter potential buyers.

First, because even if some competitors like Samsung or Huawei have rubbed shoulders with talent, the world of digital tablets remains one of the areas where Apple excels.

The iPad 8 looks like a small laptop.


Then, because with this new version, the manufacturer offers a new complete offer with keyboard (the Smart Keyboard, sold 179 euros) and stylus (the first generation Apple Pencil, sold 99 euros) which no longer limits the iPad to a simple touch screen.

Finally, because at the end of 2020, Apple is ramping up and equipping its iPad with its A12 Bionic chip (that of the iPhone X).

The iPad 8 very comfortable in the field of video games.




now offers the iPad more or less the velocity of a laptop.

Apple also claims that this new iPad is "faster than the best-selling Windows laptop, up to three times faster than the best-selling Android tablet and up to six times faster than the Chromebook. no longer sold ”.

Allegations that it is obviously impossible to verify.

It remains that on trial, the slate does - without a bad pun - the "job".

A fast and fluid tablet

Faced with a game like Call of Duty, the A12 offers perfect fluidity and great responsiveness.

We also edited a small clip with iMovie without having to experience any slowdown or lag.

The latest generation of iPad, faster for processing photos.


Nothing to complain about either in terms of multitasking, perfectly managed.

In addition, the A12 also makes it possible to take full advantage of all the new features of iPad OS14, Apple's new operating system.

Its an asset.

But that's all.

... but an aging tablet

Because on the sidelines of these increased performance, Apple seems to postpone the date on which a (really) new iPad will arrive at a competitive price.

With 8-megapixel (rear) and 1.2-megapixel (front) photo sensors, the tablet does not evolve.

Without stereo speakers (there are indeed two, but located in the base of the tablet, at the Touch ID button) the iPad 8 alters a video experience that in 2020 we are entitled to demand in stereo.

Two side-by-side speakers that don't produce the stereo you expect.


As for autonomy (limited to one day, which we have checked), it seems to have hit a glass ceiling for a long time.

Apple just put a 20 Watt charger with USB cable in the box, allowing faster charging.

And you must always buy a specific adapter (sold 79 euros) to connect a USB key to the iPad!

Family and entertainment first

Apple's low price tag is therefore attractive if we consider the iPad as a tablet for family use and fun that can be passed from hand to hand and offer everyone a high-performance digital tool: who to play , who to watch video content, who to edit photos, etc.

The iPad 8 weighted with its optional keyboard and stylus.


For productivity, the iPad will meet moderate needs.

Claiming a more complete experience requires adding up the expenses.

Or, at a minimum, a slate of 746 euros (iPad 32 GB + keyboard + stylus + adapter).

At this price, many 14 '' screen laptops with 512 GB of memory can weigh a lot when choosing.

* at 389 euros (32 GB / Wifi);

539 euros (32 GB / Wifi);

429 euros (128 GB / Wifi);

629 euros (128 GB / Wifi / 3G / 4G).


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