The number of people who received the influenza (flu) vaccine, whose vaccination was stopped due to suspected exposure to room temperature, was confirmed to be spread across 10 trials nationwide.

Yang Dong-gyo, head of the Medical Safety Prevention Bureau of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said at a briefing held today (28th) at the Osong Agency for Disease Control and Prevention in Chungbuk Province, "the number of vaccinations of the government-procured (vaccine) volume currently under investigation is 407 in a total of 10 regions. It.

By region, Jeonbuk has the largest number with 179 people, followed by Busan 75 people, Gyeongbuk 52 people, Jeonnam 31, Incheon 30 people, Seoul 20 people, Chungnam 13 people, Daejeon and Jeju 3 each, and Chungbuk 1 people.

Director Yang said, "There were reports of pain in the site where one person was injected yesterday, but no other adverse reactions were reported."

The Agency for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that Shinsung Pharmaceutical, a provider of national procurement supplies, did not follow the principle of'refrigerated distribution' (cold chain), such as opening the door of a refrigerator car or putting the product down on the floor in the process of delivering the vaccine. On the 21st, the national vaccination project was temporarily suspended.

Immediately after announcing the suspension of the use of the vaccine, the Agency for Disease Control and Prevention announced that'no one has received the vaccine in question', but since the last 25th, 105 people → 224 people → 324 people → 407 people, etc. The numbers keep increasing.

A total of 5.78 million vaccines were discontinued due to room temperature exposure.

The Agency for Disease Control and Prevention checks the health status of the inoculation every day, and sends some of the problematic quantities to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety to inspect the efficacy and safety of the vaccine.