<Anchor> As the

corona situation is prolonged, everyone is struggling, especially the socially weak.

As the number of jobs decreased, a survey found that the number of temporary daily workers decreased by 390,000 last month compared to a year ago, and a social media video mug captured the daily labor market at dawn.


Namguro Station, Seoul.

Now, this is near Namguro Station in Seoul, where many manpower offices are gathered.

It's 4 a.m. right now, and people who are looking for work are already gathering one by one.

[Daily worker: I woke up at 3:40.

(If you don't come out this early?) Your job will be taken away.] Although it is a

severe corona situation,

[Guro-gu Office Mask Control Team: (Are you patrolling?) Yes.


crack down on wearing a mask.]

Everyone can't just stay at home to make a living.

[Daily worker: (Do you have a lot of jobs these days?) There must be a lot of jobs.]

[Daily worker: I think I go out once every 3-4 days.]

At 5 am, the crowds increase and the crowds increase and look for work. The race for survival begins.

[Human Resources Office Official: I think (job) gave me about 30% compared to the past.

It is a big hit because it limits the area where the corona occurred and there is such a thing.]

[Daily worker: It is difficult.

Nowadays, it's because of the corona again.] When I

was overwhelmed by corona, about 1,000 people gather here every day, but not everyone succeeds in getting jobs.

[Human Resources Office Official: Work is much less than before. Well, half of it can't

be done


Soon, the contrast begins to change.

Those who are lucky enough to find a job start off to the construction site in a van.

[(Are you out of work?) Yes.]

At 6 am, all that remains on the street are unselected workers.

However, the reason why the workers still wandering around and they can't leave their seats is because of the regret that they might be chosen even later.

[Daily worker: Usually, I wait until 9 o'clock and go home if I don't work anymore...

.] The

coming Chuseok is rather a concern for them.

[Daily worker: I have to go to the countryside this time on a holiday, but I do.]

[Daily worker: I work and eat a day, but the longer the holiday, the more severe the blow.] After the

day is completely bright, the rest of us end up taking heavy steps toward the house with empty


Move it.

[Daily worker: I'm in vain today and I'm not happy again.

If the corona disappears quickly and a lot of things happen...


(Will it be good tomorrow?) Tomorrow is looking forward to tomorrow again.]

(Video coverage: Kim Seung-tae, editor: Kim Kyung-yeon, brand design: Ok Ji-su)