A man who sent a threatening letter with poison to Shincheonji Church was caught by the police.

The Daejeon Provincial Police Agency's wide-area investigation unit announced on the 28th that it had arrested Mr. A in his 50s on charges of attempting blackmail.

In the middle of this month, Mr. A is accused of sending a threatening letter and an envelope containing 20 grams of cyanide to the Shincheonji Training Center (Place of Peace) in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do, which is known as the place where President Lee Man-hee is staying.

In the letter, there was a message saying, "If I don't send money, I will harm the people and Shincheonji believers."

Mr. A, who requested 1.44 billion won, explained in detail the remittance method using the cryptocurrency transaction method.

The police believe that Mr. A, whose address is in Seoul, sent a registered mail from Suwon.

The letter envelope returned by the Gapyeong Training Institute was returned to the Shincheonji Daejeon Church, the'Matdia Ground War' written in the sender section.

Matthia is a term that refers to the Daejeon tribe within Shincheonji.

It is known that Mr. A is currently denying the crime.

A police official said, "We are investigating the exact motive of the crime against Mr. A."