Yesterday (26th), the number of new corona19 confirmed patients was 95, maintaining double digits for two consecutive days.

The government is planning to announce a talk with the people today in time for the Chuseok special quarantine period starting tomorrow.

Reporter Park Chan-beom reports.


95 confirmed cases of Corona 19 were added a day yesterday.

Following 61 yesterday, it maintained double digits for two days in a row, but again slightly increased.

Of these, 73 cases were confirmed in Korea and 22 cases were imported from overseas.

By region, there were 33 in Seoul, 18 in Gyeonggi, and 9 in Incheon, with 60 in the metropolitan area alone.

The number of deaths increased by 2 yesterday, and so far, more than 400 confirmed cases have died while undergoing Corona 19 treatment.

The number of gastric and severe patients was added to 2, and 124 people are receiving intensive treatment.

The government considers this Chuseok holiday to be a watershed to gauge the spread of Corona 19 in the fall, and will implement special quarantine measures for Chuseok for two weeks starting tomorrow.

In the big frame, the existing level of social distancing is maintained at the second level, but large-scale local festivals or folk games cannot be held as gatherings of 50 or more indoors and 100 or more outdoors are prohibited.

Sports events are also run without spectators.

However, some indoor and outdoor national and public facilities such as museums have decided to resume operation.

In addition, eating out is expected to increase during the holiday season, and restaurants in the metropolitan area with more than 20 seats have a table distance of 1m or partitions installed.

Group bans imposed on 11 types of high-risk facilities such as entertainment bars also continue in the metropolitan area.

This afternoon, Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun will announce a talk with the public calling for refraining from moving during the Chuseok holiday.