Chuseok special quarantine measures will be implemented for two weeks from today (28th) to the 11th of next month.

Yesterday, the government announced a discourse to the public, asking people to refrain from visiting their hometown as well as traveling.

Reporter Park Chan-beom reports.

<Reporter> In a

talk to the public, Prime Minister Jeong Sye-gyun emphasized the current situation ahead of the Chuseok holiday as'a situation similar to the war'.

In particular, during the Chuseok period, they requested that they refrain from traveling as well as visiting their hometown.

[Sae-Kyun Jeong/Prime Minister: Not only visiting my hometown, but also traveling with many people at once is dangerous.

The fact that a trip that should be a precious memory can threaten the safety of families and communities...


Currently, in Gangwon-do and Jeju-do, the reservation rates for lodging establishments during the holidays are reaching 95% and 56%, respectively.

The government plans to prevent as much as possible from gathering together even if some people move.

As the Chuseok special quarantine period begins today, more than 50 people indoors and 100 people outdoors cannot gather in one place.

Each local government has already canceled Chuseok celebrations, traditional games, and local festivals.

Alumni associations, step-by-step gatherings, and picnics are also prohibited.

In the metropolitan area, a group ban on 11 types of high-risk facilities such as entertainment bars is maintained.

For restaurants in the metropolitan area with more than 20 seats, the table spacing must be maintained at 1m.

If it is difficult to maintain the gap, you must adhere to one of the following: sitting by one space, no table, or installing partitions.

However, some of the national and public facilities will resume operation by limiting the number of users.

Public sports facilities such as the Hangang Park soccer field are also selectively operated.

After the Chuseok holiday, the government decides whether to ease the distance from the second level to the first level according to the Corona 19 situation.