He went to a hospital in northern Egypt because he suffered abdominal pain and the X-ray ended up confirming what the doctors who treated him were reluctant to believe: his stomach housed

a mobile phone


"When my assistants told me that, I could not believe them", acknowledges in conversation with EL MUNDO

Hisham el Sayed

, the doctor who took over the case and performed the extraction operation.

The patient,

a 28-year


old young man of

whom no further data has emerged, was admitted a few days ago to the

university clinic in Benha

, a city 45 kilometers north of Cairo.

"He complained of pain and said he had swallowed a mobile phone. I asked for a new naked X-ray because I doubted the first exam and thought they had taken it dressed, with the possibility that the terminal was hidden between the clothes," says Sayed.

The test did not change the result one iota


An object appeared clearly in his stomach


"I spoke with the colleague who had attended him before and we agreed to submit him to an urgent operation. We had to prepare the operating room and intervene as soon as possible," acknowledges the doctor.

The local press has made the peculiar story viral

but some of the data provided does not match reality, such as the presence of the mobile phone inside it for seven months.


El Sayed's view

, it is not possible that so much time had elapsed.


We do not know how he ingested the cell phone nor do we know if he has psychological problems

. His relatives say that it occurred when he was joking with some friends a few days ago but it must have been at least a few weeks ago," says the doctor, in charge of the intervention he has achieved remove the cell phone.

"I opened his abdomen and I actually saw that there was something solid.

When I took it out I didn't know what it was

. It looked like an object wrapped in a plastic bag. I thought it was marijuana and I called the hospital police so that it would be registered and we would not have problems then with the family. "

The patient, according to police sources,

had a history and had spent a period in jail


The subsequent examination, however, verified that it was a mobile that had been protected with plastic.

"We do not know if he did it by his will or forced, but we are not police to investigate the facts," El Sayed slides from a case still marked by questions.

"What I am very clear about is that it

must have happened recently

and, luckily for the patient, the terminal was wrapped in a plastic bag because, otherwise, the lithium battery would have destroyed his stomach when reacting with the flows", argues the doctor in charge of the operation that has occupied the media attention of his compatriots in times of the



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