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the middle of Seomyeon, the busiest street in Busan, another 12 people were injured when a drunk driving car ran into a stand at dawn.

As soon as they couldn't escape, the citizens rushed to the car and surrounded the car, and the driver in their twenties and all three passengers were caught by the police.

Look at the screen at the time. 

This is Seo Dong-gyun reporter. 

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white vehicle rattles and passes by a stand, followed by citizens chasing the vehicle.

[I hit it by car]

Dozens of citizens surrounded the car in front of the stand.

Today (27th) around 4:30 am, a car driven by a drunk man in his twenties on a street of a food stall in Jin-gu, Busan, hit passers-by and customers at the stall one after another.

All 12 people were injured in this accident.

The driver was in a state of drinking alcohol at the level of a license suspension, but was arrested on the spot while fleeing immediately after the accident.

The police, along with the driver, are investigating the charges of assisting with drunk driving.


Red flames soar through the pouring water.

The marine police sprinkled the water, but the ship was left with only a black skeleton.

Around 9 am today, a 7.9 ton anchovy fishing boat caught fire on a sea in Gunsan, Jeollabuk-do.

Seven people, including the captain and crew, who were on the fishing boat at the time, were damaged by other ships nearby, and there was no human injury.

The fire burned down the entire ship, including the wheelhouse and engine room, and extinguished in 20 minutes.


Around 11 am today, a 19-ton LPG tank lorry vehicle caught fire when it collided with the Andong Service Area gas station building on the Jungang Expressway.

The fire went out in about 20 minutes, and there was no human injury.

Police believe that the vehicle moved along a slope while the driver was away without properly applying the parking brake.

(Video editing: Yumira, video source: twitch EXBC)