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entertainment bar, there was a fist fight between the business and customers.

It's a time to refrain from drinking dinners due to Corona, but it turns out that these guests were incumbent police.

G1 Reporter Yoon Soo-jin.


At around 11:40 p.m., a man fell and is surrounded by strong men.

Someone tries to stop it, but the assault continues, and the scene of tangled punches continues for a long time.

It's like any other bully fight in front of the bar, but on the one hand, the bar officials and the other is Inspector A of the Chuncheon Police Station.

This is the scene of the assault. After having a drink with fellow employees, it is known as the place where I moved to the third car.

At that time, two employees of the Chuncheon Police Station were together at the business.

It started with the price of alcohol.

It is said that a fight with a business official was quarreled after a quarrel with Mana after paying tens of thousands of won more.

At that time, 112 and 119 were dispatched to take care of the scene, and one police officer was hospitalized for serious injuries in the face.

[Neighboring store owner: He said he was screaming. It must have been because I was drinking. Later, I found out that the fight came out of the police box with me.]

Injured police officers and business officials each reported to the police, and all of them were charged with assault.

The Chuncheon Police Department, which received the report, said that it was planning to analyze the CCTV to investigate the case, and that it appears to be a unilateral assault at the moment.