Let's take a closer look at this case.

First, the Coast Guard dispatched an investigator to investigate the reason why Mo Lee, an official on the fishing guidance ship, went missing.

The coast guard is conscious of the possibility of voluntary attempts to defect to North Korea, but fellow officials testified that Mr. Lee did not show such signs in advance.

This is Hong Young-jae.


Yesterday (24th) from 11:30 am to 6:00 pm, three investigators sent three investigators on board Mugunghwa 10 to investigate Lee's colleagues.

The Haekyung is highly likely to attempt to defect to North Korea because Lee left his shoes on board before disappearing, was well aware of the current situation at the time, and complained of suffering from usual debts.

[Shin Dong-sam/Incheon Maritime Police Chief: It is not possible to rule out the possibility of voluntary visit to North Korea, so we plan to conduct detailed investigations with officials and others.]

As a result

of the sea police

investigation, Mr. Lee, who has been working since 1:35 am on the 21st, was found to have been alone without a colleague. Done.

Since the disappearance time is around 12:50, which is lunch that day, the 12-hour track is obvious.

However, two CCTVs installed in Mugunghwa No. 10, which will reveal Lee's deeds, were all broken, so Lee's movement was not even photographed on the day of his disappearance.

It is said that Lee's colleagues surveyed by the Coast Guard testified that "there were no prior signs of North Korea."

However, in addition to the grounds suggested by the military police, Mr. Lee used a small floating object while wearing a life jacket, and raised the possibility of defecting to North Korea, saying that there is a situation in which he expressed his intention to escape to North Korea.

The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries further commented that Mr. Lee had put the slippers neatly on the ship and that it is difficult to see it as a simple disappearance.

As soon as the day dawns, the Haekyung announced that it will continue to investigate the workers of Mugunghwa No. 10.