More than twenty companies in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area made agreements on Thursday about spreading working hours and the use of means of transport.

In this way, congestion must remain low and accessibility increased.

The 23 employers, including ABN AMRO and Royal Schiphol Group, together represent nearly 39,000 employees.

The employers work together with the Dutch Railways and other transport companies, so that means of transport can be alternated.

Working from home remains the norm for the time being;

those who do want to go to the office or the company location can travel outside of rush hour.

According to the parties, 10 to 15 percent more working from home saves up to 170,000 trips in the metropolitan region per day.

"I am very pleased with the signing by so many appealing parties. We now have the opportunity to organize definitively differently where we work and how and when we make the journey there," said Alderman Sharon Dijksma, also chairman of the Amsterdam Transport Region.

"This spread results in noticeably less congestion on the train, bus and tram, on the road and on the cycle paths. The hyper rush hour will become a thing of the past."

According to Dick Benschop, CEO of Royal Schiphol Group, it is good that people are talking about working from home and traveling outside of rush hour.

"Then the chance is much greater that working from home will really become commonplace. During this period we will continue to look at how things can be done smarter", says Benschop. is still awaiting a response from the Rotterdam The Hague Metropolitan Area, which previously announced that it will improve 90 kilometers of cycle paths in the next three years to make commuting easier.