I reported yesterday (23rd) that the employees of the Health Insurance Service received hundreds of millions of won in back money and drove their business to a specific company.

In the process of receiving an order for a computer development project in a public institution, there was also a statement that such a back-money practice was uncommon.

This is an exclusive report by reporter Han Sang-woo.


Immediately after the SBS report on the suspicion of receiving money or money after three former and current employees of the Health Insurance Corporation drove their business to a specific company, the Corporation lifted two current employees under investigation.

As a result of the SBS interview, it was revealed that the senior executive A, who was dismissed from his position, received back money from two other large companies.

He is accused of embedding acquaintances in two large computer development companies and receiving more than 2 million won per month from both companies in the name of monthly salary.

It turned out that a similar corruption occurred at the National Pension Service.

In the process of receiving an order for a computer development project of 1 billion won ordered by the National Pension Service in 2015, the situation was identified and the police are investigating the situation that the working staff received 90 million won in back money.

An industry insider said that this back-money practice is widespread in computer development projects in public institutions.

[Computing Development Industry Personnel: I do a lot of work.

OO, OO, OO These kids (businesses) are kids who run 10 billion or 20 billion businesses every year.

(There was a corruption) If it was big, it was big...


Unlike procurement bids, where the Public Procurement Service evaluates participating companies, there are many such corruptions in self-evaluation bids that are directly evaluated by public institutions, an industry official who participated in the lobby said.

[Employees of computer development companies: If 9 people are evaluated, there are 5 outside professors and 4 insiders.

Then, of course, it won't be overturned if four people squeeze it out.] It

seems necessary to investigate the alleged cohesion of companies and employees surrounding the computer business of public institutions.

(Video editing: Soyoung Lee, VJ: Junyoung Lee)