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number of confirmed patients who wanted to decrease has increased again.

The number of additional confirmed cases, which remained at double digits for three days, again exceeded 100.

Several people have been confirmed in Yeouido, Seoul, where there are many office workers.

First, reporter Song In-ho.


Yeouido, Seoul, where banks, securities companies, and headquarters of large corporations are concentrated.

There have been 5 confirmed cases at the headquarters of Korea Investment & Securities here.

On the 19th, one dispatched employee was first confirmed, and by yesterday (22nd), four more were confirmed.

[Park Yoo-mi/Seoul City Citizen Health Bureau Director: All five confirmed persons are workers on the same floor, and we are investigating the path of infection through additional risk assessment, such as whether they are small or not.] At

LG Electronics' Yeouido headquarters, five new employees were confirmed.

They are all known to belong to the same business headquarters on the 6th and 9th floors of the West Wing of LG Twin Tower.

At LG Electronics, all employees working on the floor where the confirmed person was found undergo an examination, and close contacts are required to work from home for two weeks.

With the outbreak of group infection in Yeouido, where the office is dense, the number of confirmed patients in Seoul increased to 40, and 73 new patients came out in the metropolitan area alone.

The quarantine authorities predicted that it will take some time to return to the first stage of distancing, although they are controlling the massive recurrence of Corona 19 by strengthening social distancing.

[Kim Kang-rip/Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters General Spokesperson: We are particularly paying attention to the fact that the path of infection and the groups of infections must appear and be managed simultaneously...

.] The

government has prepared special quarantine countermeasures for Chuseok, such as dispatching more than 3,200 quarantine agents to major tourist sites during the Chuseok holiday, and is expected to announce it soon.

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