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Seoul Metropolitan Government and the police banned rally in downtown Seoul during the first day of the first day of gathering of 10 or more people, some suggested that the assembly should be driven by car.

Police decided to ban it as well, as drivers could get out of the car and lead to a massive rally.

Reporter Hong Young-jae covered this news.


Kim Jin-tae, a former member of the Future Integration Party, suggested through social media to drive the Gwanghwamun rally on October 3rd.

As the government and the Seoul Metropolitan Government banned the assembly due to concerns about the spread of Corona 19, they are asking for the assembly in a way that is less likely to be infected.

The police said that they would decide whether to allow the vehicle assembly to be reported as it is also subject to report.

I heard the reason that even if they get together in a car, there is a possibility that riders will get out of the car and spread to a large gathering.

In fact, a conservative group reported a rally marching from Yeouido to Gwanghwamun with 200 vehicles on the day of the opening day, but the police decided to issue a ban.

Organizations that had planned the meetings rebelled.

[Seo Gyeong-seok/National Movement for a New Korea: We are not obstructing the road, we are not moving, but it is what has to do with corona and cars.]

Amidst this, the prosecution attended the Sarang First Church three times despite the ban on meetings in Seoul


A former Gyeonggi Governor Kim Moon-soo was charged with violating the Infectious Disease Prevention Act.

In addition, 8 people, including another church official who played a leading role in the holding and conducting the field service, were handed over to the trial, and 6 people were briefly prosecuted.

Arrest warrants were filed against two people, including the pastor of Sarangjeil Church, who were accused of obstructing the epidemiological investigation of the quarantine authorities, such as hiding the hard disk containing CCTV footage of the church.

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