Microsoft announced several new features for Microsoft Teams in a blog post on Tuesday, which will be added to the collaboration platform with an update soon.

The update is largely aimed at video calling and ensures, among other things, that participants can be projected as a group in a virtual room.

Microsoft wants to use the 'together mode' to give users the feeling that they are closer to each other.

In this mode, participants can be projected in, for example, a conference or lecture hall.

This makes it seem like everyone is in the same room, at least the part of the body that is visible on the users webcam.

The function is an extension of the special backgrounds that you could already set during video calling with Microsoft Teams.

When you set a background, a different background is displayed instead of your living room during video calling.

In addition, Microsoft also wants to make it easier to meet with large groups.

The new update will include a feature that allows the leader of a group conversation to divide other members into groups.

Groups can then consult with each other and the leader of the meeting can then jump into the different groups to make announcements or ask questions.

These 'breakout rooms' can be useful during brainstorming sessions or during training sessions where a presentation has to be discussed or an assignment has to be completed.

The breakout rooms are coming to Microsoft Teams in October.

The together mode will follow later this year.