The Marbella chef's food delivery proposal starts in Madrid with eight different menus.

In a few weeks it will arrive in the Catalan and Andalusian cities

If we have realized something during this pandemic, it is that we have to reinvent ourselves and the chef and businessman Dani García is good proof of this.

Restless like few others, he is now launching an ambitious project to win over millions of diners without leaving their homes:

The Great Mediterranean Family.

Dani García at home


It is a food delivery service with proposals for all tastes: Asian, Spanish, Italian ...

Eight different styles with the personal stamp of Malaga


With this gastronomic adventure, Dani García


fulfilled one of the challenges that he set for himself when, in November 2019, he closed his restaurant, a year after obtaining the third Michelin star: reaching every home in Spain with his kitchen.

And we say "almost" because, in principle, the proposal

has just started in Madrid

and in the coming weeks it will reach Barcelona and Marbella, without it being expected to expand to other cities.

Burger Bull Dani Garcia.

To start this adventure, the chef of BiBo, Lobito de Mar y Leña

has joined the Just Eat home



to distribute his

Great Mediterranean Family

through his app.

For this



, the Marbella chef has prepared eight different menus (with an average price of

20 euros and a wide ordering schedule, from 1 to 24 hours


For example,

Bocatas García offers up to 12



of entrepanes, from the

shredded meat muffin with Bull sauce and caramelised onion

, inspired by the Bar Fiesta del Mercado in Marbella, to the fried chicken with Moorish lettuce and fresh tomato

BiBo Tarifa style

, including the brava tortilla with brava sauce or the

duroc shoulder chapatas with olive oil and salmorejo


Barbate tuna tartare and tobiko roe.

If you are more into

tapas and traditional cuisine, your proposal is Tita Brava's

: croquettes (with Iberian ham, roast chicken or cod);

Russian salad (of which three versions are offered), tortillas (potato, whiskey, brava) and classic cold dishes, such as gazpacho, salmorejo or potato dressed with tuna tartare, and hot, chicken wings to the pork cheeks.

Italian cuisine is present through the Molta Mamma

with pastas (gnocchi, macaroni, lasagna, ravioli and pizzas, up to seven different ones (


, four cheeses, carbonara, the white one with fresh mushrooms and egg or the red mortadella Bolognese, from the BiBo Marbella).

Iberian secret baguette, marinated with miso, pickled piparras and Japanese 'mayo'.


Asia-Mexico connection

could not be missed

by Pancho Suey

, with gyozas, baos and "Chinese-Mexican-Andalusian salteaditos", such as fried chicken with orange blossom honey and smoked chipotle.


the barbecue of Mr. Brasas

that, among other dishes, offers the famous

Burger Bull by Dani García

(150 grams of old cow and also in XXL size, with a double hamburger), or, for those who enjoy a great serve, the Duro pork rib c.

Madame Wasabi

is the

chef's tribute to Japan

: nigiris (spicy tuna loin from Barbate, Barbate


with white soy, eel ...), sashimis (salmon, scallop), maki roll ...

Fans of

healthy food

have their place in this

Great Family

, so they can find a wide variety of salads in



: detox, César, pasta, Spanish, Moroccan, Greek ... And, finally,

the proposal liquid, Mixter

, with soft drinks, wines, champagnes and versions of cocktails (from the Arizona Club, Beso del sapo or the rebujito).


delivery also

offers a

sweet touch

from the hand of classic desserts (tiramisu) and chef icons (

Happy hippo

ice cream

or crepes with different



Happy hippo ice cream, a classic from Dani García's kitchen.

According to the criteria of

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