The decision by the Incheon District Court to allow the Bucheon Christian Federation (Bukki-Chong) to ‘Rally Against Human Rights Ordinance’ is drawing attention.

On the 16th, the Boogie-Chong received the news that the ordinance on the protection and promotion of human rights in Bucheon City has been revised and filed a report of a large-scale assembly to the police against the enactment of the human rights ordinance (against the advocacy of homosexuality).

However, when the police notified the ban on the assembly, they filed an application for temporary injunction to the Incheon District Law on the 17th, and eventually obtained permission for the assembly.

On the 20th, the Incheon District Law proposed additional quarantine conditions to be observed, saying that the assembly was allowed for reasons such as "there is less risk of infection than indoor activities, it is done on a wide street, and it is not large."

The six quarantine rules suggested by the court are as follows.

△ Write a list only for participants with a body temperature of 37.4 degrees or less and enter after using a hand sanitizer

△ All participants wear KF-80/94 masks

△ Write a list (with name and contact information) and keep it for 2 months by the applicant

Keep a

distance of 2m or more between chairs, Prohibition of moving chairs and seating outside of the arranged chairs

△ Dismissal immediately after the assembly ends

△ Cooperation with the quarantine authorities and police measures

In addition, Judge Lee Jong-hwan said, "At this time, the need for measures to prevent the spread of Corona 19 cannot be seen as reduced, but it is difficult to see that it is a serious situation that completely prohibits ten or more prison gatherings." We have comprehensively considered the public health of prevention,” he explained.

After that, Bucheon Mayor Jang Deok-cheon announced the news on his Facebook page and called for attention to citizens.

In addition, yesterday (21st), when the rally was held, the site situation and quarantine activities were informed in real time.

As a result, the rally passed without infection, but Mayor Jang was still skeptical of the rally's permission.

Mayor Jang said, "If this meeting is allowed, other meetings will be reported, but the key is whether the quarantine authorities can supervise them," he explained. Eventually, more than twice the number of members of the assembly were dispatched for quarantine.

He said, "The current Corona 19 situation is barely going to stabilize, but if a rally is held, there is a fear that the number of confirmed cases will increase, so I think it is right to stop it for the time being."

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(Photo = Yonhap News, Facebook Mayor Jang Deokcheon)