Today (21st) the big fire at the Cheongnyangri Greengrocery Market in Seoul was extinguished in 7 hours. Fortunately, there was no personal injury, but property damage was not small as 20 stores were burned ahead of Chuseok.

This is reporter Jo Sung-hyun.


Red flames soar and black smoke continues to erupt.

There are dozens of fire trucks in the surrounding area.

The fire at the Greengrocery Market in Jegi-dong, Seoul, was around 4:30 am today.

The fire started at a whole chicken shop in a nearby traditional market and spread to the greengrocer market.

The fire department put 49 fire engines and 200 firefighters to extinguish the fire, but since there are more than 60 stores, it took 3 hours to complete the first visit, and the fire was completely turned off at around 11:30 a.m., 7 hours later.

There was no human injury, but it was found that 20 stores, including market stores and warehouses, were burned.

Prior to the Chuseok holiday, merchants who went to work early in the morning were urgently evacuated.

[Gangcheonmun/Damaged Merchant: I can't use all things anyway, and if I do business inside, I can't go to the bank and there are cash (in the store).]

Dozens of fire engines were built near the fire site, causing traffic congestion on the way to work.

Police and fire departments are investigating the cause of ignition by observing the whole chicken shop and the surrounding area where the fire started.