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big fire broke out in the morning of today (21st) at the Cheongnyangni Fruit Market in Seoul. Fortunately, there was no damage to humans, but the stores are dense and it is struggling to evolve.

Reporter Bae Joon-woo on the report.


Red flames soar and black smoke continues to erupt.

There are dozens of fire trucks in the surrounding area.

The fire at the Greengrocery Market in Jegi-dong, Seoul, was around 4:30 am today.

The fire started at a whole chicken shop in a nearby traditional market and spread to the fruit market.

Firefighting authorities ordered the second stage of response and put 49 fire engines and 200 firefighters to extinguish the fire.

There was no human injury, but it was found that about 20 stores, including market stores and warehouses, were all burned.

Prior to the Chuseok holiday, merchants who went to work early in the morning were urgently evacuated.

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fire-fighting authorities in the midst of the fire, a total area 2100 square meters fruit and vegetables market, one We will check the burnt area and conduct an internal search.

There were dozens of fire engines in the vicinity of the fire, which also caused congestion on the way to work.