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Ever since

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2

, the remake of the first two skate games bearing the skateboarder's stamp, was announced, expectations were almost as high as the impossible jumps we are used to in the saga.

Luckily, he has overcome them in the same way that his protagonists would face at this point: without fear of falling and with absolute disregard for the laws of physics.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 is not only the best remake of recent years, it is the best remake that could be done to these games.

True to its origins when it should be, reformist and upgrade when the gameplay demands it and absolutely irreverent.

He takes absolutely nothing seriously, least of all himself.

The update has been done with both care and head and it shows.

Thus, although not one iota of the frustrating gameplay of the most insufferable levels has been touched - achieving all the objectives and points of

Downhill Jam

is as ulcerating as ever - almost all the improvements that the successive deliveries brought have been introduced.






allow you to make combos of hundreds of thousands of points without much effort.

This also achieves a very tight difficulty curve.

The tutorial is all you need to start looking for letters and boxes in the warehouse and although it sounds like a cliché, you learn from each fall.

Those who already know him will marvel at the muscle memory, which will have them skidding down the walls and making turns

with more degrees than the surface of the sun

when the tutorial still wants to teach us how to ollie.

Playing Tony Hawk is like riding a bike: you don't forget and, although technically you can, you shouldn't do it on the streets of Madrid.

Reaching this generation has made the settings rich, bright and with much more detail.

Skater, camera and environment move with fluidity and a speed that is felt and never suffers.

It is an indescribable feeling to return to the levels and skaters with whom we spent hours two decades ago and that they have a look that we could not help but dream of then.

The same people who used to listen to Blink 182 making adolescent hymns are now thirty-somethings that the band - already roaming around in their 40s - despised in their songs.

It's the same.

Tony Hawk welcomes old and new generations into a 900 degree embrace with a massive roster and soundtrack.

As soon as we start we find a video in which we see the legends of the first games (

Tony Hawk, Eric Koston, Rodney Mullen

...) in the past and in the present, to later give way to the new skaters (

Nyjah Huston, Aori Nishimura, Lizzie Armento

...) who make their first appearance on these stages.

All this, to the rhythm of Guerrilla Radio, from Rage Against The Machine;

Goldfinger with his unforgettable Superman welcomes us in the start menu.

Sweet tears of nostalgia turn bitter when they fall into the fact that they are more classic and historical than groundbreaking.

The customization possibilities are also a novelty in 1 + 2 -not so in the saga- and allow our skater, whether real or created, to use the board, logo, cap and even polo shirt that we want.

The variety of logos and brands is so overwhelming that no one could be surprised if they suddenly unlocked

a Central Lechera Asturiana table


And this, luckily, carries over to the park creation mode.

The online multiplayer section is the weakest ... in a way.

The competition with other players is quite limited in options and modes (basically, getting more points than the rest in combo or in total and a kind of pillapilla on skateboard), although it lengthens its useful life.

However, the possibility of

sharing the parks created

opens a very interesting door to the room where Super Mario Maker sleeps.

The maps can be shared and it is even possible to allow their later editing, so, as long as the creativity of the community allows it, there is skating for a while.

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 1 + 2 works so well because the combination of new, upgrades and classic elements works as well.

The game is enjoyed (and a lot) if it is the first approach to the saga, of course, but revisiting it is an experience that only two decades macerating in a sandpaper barrel filled with punk pearls can achieve.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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