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Cho Doo-soon was sentenced to 12 years in prison for kidnapping and rape of elementary school students.

Cho Doo-soon ends his sentence and will be released on December 13th.

Criticism was consistently raised that the punishment was lighter than that of a brutal crime, and voices of concern over the situation after Cho Doo-soon's release from prison were loud, but there was no countermeasure.

Eventually, Cho Doo-soon's release came about 80 days in the future, and the citizens of Ansan are trembling with anxiety as Cho Doo-soon recently announced his intention to'return to Ansan, where his wife lives.'

On the 16th, the families of the victims appealed to the public on the 16th, saying, "Please keep the government's promise to permanently quarantine Cho Doo-soon 11 years ago," and "Do not let Cho Doo-soon return to Ansan City."

In Ansan City, there is a continuing complaint call for worrying about the release of Cho Doo-soon and urging them to take measures.

However, there are currently not many ways to relieve the anxiety of victims' families and Ansan citizens.

What is the reason?

The Cho Doo-soon incident occurred in 2008, and in 2009, after the incident was known through the media and shocked society, various laws called the'Cho Doo-soon Prevention Act' have been raised, but none of them have been made into actual law.

Ansan City demands that Cho Doo-soon be quarantined in a certain facility for a certain period of time even after his sentence, but there is currently no relevant law, and even if there is, it is based on the principle of criticism of punishment,'the punishment for crime is based on the law at the time'. Therefore, Cho Doo-soon is not applicable.

In the case of sex offender notification e, which discloses the criminal's personal information and location of residence in detail, after the revision of the law in 2013, the road name and building number of the place where the subject of disclosure resides were disclosed, but Cho Doo-soon was ordered to read. It does not apply because it is before.

Sex Offender Notification e The Minister of Gender Equality and Family, the ministry in charge, also admitted this.

There are many so-called'Cho Doo-soon prevention laws' created by the Cho Doo-soon incident, but Jo Doo-soon cannot be prevented.

In addition, there is a controversy over'double punishment' about taking the disposition to deprive a person of his or her body liberty after completing all the sentences imposed by the law.

There are many public opinions that he should have had a heavier punishment in the first place, but the Cho Doo-soon case had many loopholes from prosecution investigations to court rulings.

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