Facebook is going to take stricter action against administrators and moderators of Facebook groups who violate the rules of the platform.

These users are not allowed to start new groups for the time being after violation.

Facebook CEO Tom Alison announced the new rules in a blog on Thursday.

The new rules are mainly aimed at administrators and moderators of groups.

The moment a group does not comply with Facebook's terms and conditions, the group is deleted, but until recently administrators could just start a new group.

The new rules should make it more difficult for affected Facebook users of a deleted group to re-establish a group.

Facebook wants to combat hate speech in Facebook groups.

The prohibition on creating a group is for a limited period of time.

Facebook does not specify how long someone cannot create a group after breaking the rules.

In addition to the stricter rules, Facebook will also delete groups without an administrator.

There are groups in which members are still active, but there is no longer an administrator to ensure that members comply with the rules.

Facebook is also adjusting the recommendation of groups.

Many Facebook groups are focused on health and can be recommended by the platform to a user based on their preferences.

Facebook will stop this, because the platform believes that users can better inform themselves about health from doctors.

The groups about health are not deleted and members can still invite other users.