• Covid-19.Madrid will toughen restrictive measures in light of the "sustained growth" of the pandemic, as possible "selective confinements"

A week ago the children started school and what many predicted seems to be becoming a reality.

While the Community of Madrid has announced this Wednesday that at the end of the week it will tighten the restrictive measures in the face of the "sustained growth" of the


, such as possible "selective confinements", parents are growing who denounce the chaos that is being experienced on social networks in some schools in the face of



and the management of administrations.

The scriptwriter and graphic designer who became famous for his stories told in Twitter threads,

Manuel Bartual

, is one of his parents who is suffering in his own flesh what "must be a fantasy" that seems "incomprehensible" when "opening schools without having established at least clear and effective tools to speed up communication between the centers and the Community of Madrid ".

Manuel Bartual's


, published this morning, is one of many other parents who are experiencing a similar situation: positive cases, misinformation, lack of attention, unilateral decisions.

"My son started classes on September 8. Six days later, this Monday, one of his classmates did not go to school. His father told us that his son had tested positive for



What happened next will surprise you

, or maybe not ", begins the son of Manuel Bartual.

He explains that the "main channel of communication" after the parents of the little infected notified the rest of the parents in the class was the typical WhatsApp group of parents.

"Our main communication channel is the same as that of many families, a WhatsApp group that on Monday afternoon was filled with messages with many doubts, nerves and questions about what protocols we should follow," he explains.

"As the school was already aware, we decided to wait for them to contact us. We trusted that we would know something about them that same day, but the hours passed and nobody knew anything about the center," he continues.

But the expected communication never came.

It was late on Monday when one of the mothers managed to speak with the class tutor, who told her that "they were together, and the only thing she could convey was that they

needed an official notification from the Community of Madrid Health

to close the classroom. "

"Not having that notification yet, the classroom would remain open the next day and the teacher would go to work. They left the decision of whether or not to take our children to class in the hands of parents," he says.

The parents decided not to take the children to class because "

any of them could be infected too

, including the teacher," who did have to go to her job.

The next morning, that is, this Tuesday, a mother approached the school and they told her that "they were not trained to make any decisions, and that the nurse, who is the Covid-19 coordinator, had been trying to communicate the case to Health of the Community of Madrid without success ".

The WhatsApp group of parents was filled with uncertainties and fears


The school finally

decided to close classes when it did not get a response from the Community of Madrid

, "and we received news of other classes in our center with children falling ill and waiting to get a PCR test done".

At the end of this Tuesday the first communication from the school arrived.

The director contacted the parents to tell them that they still had no official communication from the Community of Madrid Health.

"Today is 48 hours since the first case of positive for


was communicated to the center

. The classroom is still open, but empty by decision of the families. From the Health of the Community of Madrid we still know nothing," concludes the thread of Bartual not without first recalling the statements of the Minister of Education,

Isabel Celáa

, 3 days before classes began, ensuring that schools were going to be safe places, and those of the president of the Community of Madrid,

Isabel Díaz Ayuso

, stating that if there was someone infected in a school, the whole class would be tested.

"I suppose that none of this that I have just told you has actually happened. It must be a fantasy, a story that I have invented, because the reality that Celáa and Ayuso describe is not the one we are experiencing," Bartual says.

However, Bartual is not the only one.

In fact, his thread on Twitter has served to make many other parents visible what is happening in schools in Spain with the coronavirus.

"In Andalusia we start secondary school classes on Monday. Each center has 1 Covid coordinator and a referral nurse from the nearest health center. Our Covid coordinator has been trying to contact the nurse for seven days. She has not been successful," another parent writes .

"My wife is a teacher in Madrid. They had a case and, after not being able to contact anyone, they called the families and put their assistance in their hands, waiting for the official decision. The next day they called the director, but to scold her for making that decision, "writes the husband of a teacher.

As established by the Ministry of Health in the

Strategy for early detection, surveillance and control of COVID-19

if the student confirms his positive with a PCR, the whole group will undergo the test to see if there has been transmission.

They should wait for the result by quarantining at home for at least 14 days.

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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