The government has repeatedly expressed its position that it has not received the intention of reapplying from medical students who have rejected the national examination due to opposition to the policy of expanding medical school gardens.

As a result, it was made clear that it could not be considered whether to give medical students an additional opportunity to retake the national examination, which has already passed the filing period.

At a regular briefing held today (16th) at the Government Complex Sejong, the first vice minister of the Ministry of Health and Welfare, Kang-lip Kim, said, "It is a concern that there may be unfortunate cases, but the government is considering changing its existing position." Is not yet."

Vice Minister Kim explained, "We believe that there is a limit to examining additional opportunities for taking the national exam because the government guessed the intention of medical students without a clear expression of intention."

Earlier, on the 14th, the Korea Medical College and Medical School Student Association (Medical University Association), which represents medical students, announced on the 14th that it would stop group actions such as alliance leave and rejection of the national examination.

The medical community has interpreted this as saying that medical students have indicated their intention to take the national exam, but the government is in a position that it has not received clear intentions from medical students.

In addition, the government maintains that it is difficult to provide additional opportunities to medical students unless the public consent and understanding are preceded considering equity and fairness, as the deadline for filing the national examination has already passed.

On the other hand, only 446, 14% of the 3,172 applicants, applied for the National Examination, which was closed by 12 p.m. on the 6th.

The practical test started on the 8th and will be distributed until November 20th. 

(Photo = Yonhap News)