Google unveiled several products around its Meet video calling service on Tuesday evening.

Together with Lenovo, the company will market, among other things, a control screen, microphone, cameras and soundbar aimed at companies and organizations.

The product line is called Series One and includes two types of cameras, one with more megapixels and the ability to zoom in 4.3 times without loss of quality.

For example, the audio bar can be placed near a conference screen and is equipped with a microphone, but Google and Lenovo also sell a separate microphone.

This Mic Pod can be placed on the table and contains a button to activate or deactivate it.

The Series One products can be controlled by remote control, touch screen or by voice.

Among other things, users can open, close or join a meeting using the Google Assistant voice control.

Google gave Meet a lot of work during the corona pandemic.

The corporate video calling service said goodbye to the Hangouts name, got a free variant and integrated with other Google business services.

The Series One products will be available "in the coming months", including in the Netherlands.

The hardware comes in three packages, targeting small, medium and large meeting situations.

Prices have not yet been announced.

Series One

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