A foreign substance came out of a hamburger sold by a chain store of a large fast food company, and the company started hygiene checks.

According to a large fast food company, A, etc., a complaint was filed on the 13th that a piece of plastic came out of a hamburger sold at Company A's chain store in Namdong-gu, Incheon.

Mr. B, a civil servant, ordered a hamburger set for his daughter in elementary school at the store, and it was found that his daughter found a foreign object while eating a hamburger.

Foreign objects made of plastic were in the shape of a round ring and were 5-6 cm in diameter.

In a media call, Mr. B said, "I was scared to see a sharp foreign object brought by my daughter saying something strange came out while eating a hamburger."

He added, "I was unhappy and angry that I bought my daughter a hamburger with foreign substances in a situation where I had to pay more attention to hygiene due to the spread of infectious diseases." I thought it was the first thing to inform,” he emphasized.

Based on the photos delivered by Mr. B, the company estimated that the foreign object was a piece of plastic that came out when the sauce passage and lid were removed.

The store owner of the chain said, "It seems that foreign substances have entered the burger due to a mistake in the process of dressing and wrapping (packaging) the burger." I did.

A company official said, "(After the complaint was filed), the store had a hygiene check, and we will check for any deviations in the management manual to prevent similar cases from occurring."

(Photo = provided by reader, Yonhap News)