It is known that a Porsche driver who had a seven-fold crash after driving a car in Haeundae, Busan on the 14th, showed abnormal symptoms just before the accident, to the extent that the passengers felt it.

Today (16th), according to the Busan Police Agency, etc., the black box of a Porsche car contains the situation in which driver A showed obvious abnormal symptoms ahead of a seven-fold collision.

When the passenger B hurriedly said, "The car in front, the car in front", etc., as he rushed without slowing down, it means that Mr. A did not answer at all and rushed the vehicle.

There are no tire drag marks left at the accident site, so it is presumed that Mr. A did not use the brake at all.

The police confirmed that Mr. A smoked hemp in the car 10 minutes before driving the vehicle.

It is said that Mr. A smoked about two sips of hemp that Mr. B had.

In the police's simple reagent test, only Mr. A tested positive.

When Mr. B asked "Is it okay" before driving, Mr. A answered that he was okay and was said to have driven the car.

Afterwards, Mr. A seems to have been affected by hemp because he showed abnormal behaviors such as hitting a vehicle that was stopped immediately after driving and before the seventh collision, or hitting a vehicle that was running from behind.

The police said, "We are checking with both people about where and how much hemp they bought," he said. "It is under investigation, so we cannot provide details."

Meanwhile, a Porsche vehicle running near Jungdong Station in Haeundae-gu, Busan on the 14th at around 5:43 pm sequentially collided a motorcycle and a Granger vehicle at an intersection.

Afterwards, Porsche and a motorcycle struck four vehicles waiting for a signal, resulting in a seven-fold collision, injuring seven people.

(Photo = Provided by the Fire Department, Yonhap News)